Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

So I met with my Doctor a while back and told him I was considering surgery and because of the lest invasive nature of the procedure, was leaning towards the Lab Band. He said that he strongly recommended I consider Gastric Bypass instead because I had so much weight to lose. Also, after going to the seminar from Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, the presenter explained the pros and cons of each surgery they offer. I didn’t realize that lab band patience lose less weight over time and at a much slower rate. Also I never had considered that Lap Band would require frequent doctor visits for adjustments and possible follow up surgery if the band slips.

After considering the pros and cons, and what my insurance will cover, the Gastric Bypass seems to be the best solution. Check out the video of the procedure. Sounds kind of scary but the fear of the procedure is nothing compared to the fear of living another year without it.

Bye bye SODA !!!

So in my preparations to get weight loss surgery I was told that I will not be able to drink soda pop any more. The carbonation can cause issues because it expands in your gut. Anyone who knows me knows I have been a long time Mt Dew fanatic.I am no dummy, I know that this sugar filled, caffeine concoction is one of the BIGGEST contributors to obesity but somehow that never used to stop me from guzzling down a cold one. Check out the nutritional info on the stuff. This is only for 8oz. If i was drinking 64oz, that’s 880 calories !!! That’s almost half the recommended daily intake. I switched to diet Dew but it had about the same appeal as diabetic chocolate.

Then the heavens opened and a column of light illuminated me to my new best friend, Crystal Light White Grape. I love this stuff. Not only do I save big bucks (they are about 35 cents a packet) but 8oz is only 5 calories! Because of this stuff, I have not even missed my Dew. “But what about the caffeine” you say. “Surely you crave the Green Beast when you are pulling an all nighter right?” Not so my friend! Crystal Light has “Energy” flavors. My favorites are Wild Strawberry & Peach Mango. My bases are covered and hopefully my butt will begin to recover from an early life of Dew addiction. Cold turky … one month and counting!

There are HOW MANY calores in that!

Today I found the best web site through Allen’s blog. Actually, I think I am the only one in the fat blogging community that didn’t get the memo about it.

It is a full-on calorie-counter, weight tracking web site.

Why I love this thing:

  1. It doesn’t have so many features that it is confusing but at the same time it has enough options and custom settings that you can tweak it to track your plan your way.
  2. The food database has almost any food you can enter
  3. You can group items together and save them as meals
  4. You can hook them up to a tweet of facebook feed (see mine on the right side-bar)
  5. There are widgets so others can easily track the pounds you drop.

What would you expect to pay a month for this little beauty?
$15?…..$10?….$5? Noooooo!
It’s absolutely free! 

But wait! there’s more!
 Click here. now and they’ll even throw in a free app for your phone!   (sorry no CODs)