Man, no wonder I got fat! (The first true temptation)

My work offers me the opportunity to work Saturdays for overtime pay. It has been one of the ways I keep my finances in the black. For volunteering to work they also buy us lunch … big, fat greasy, delicious lunch. As much as you can eat. (even me) That wound up to near a whole pizza some days.

Old habits die hard … but it’s time for them to DIE!

No fear blog followers I did not give into even 1 of the easy to grab, pleasure ┬áto eat slice. Not that I couldn’t have one and walk away and still make my caloric goal for the day but walking away altogether just feels more right. Instead, I brought my own meal. Whole wheat pasta whith lean meat marinara. If we are being honest, even after eating it though, the temptation to grab a slice didn’t leave but the conviction to resist didn’t either.

A bit too easy (time to step it up even more)

At the end of my first full week of under 2000 calories a day I took time to stop and reflect over where I had been only a few weeks prior and where I want to be. Moving to 2000 calories from, who knows 5000, 6000, was a change and I can already feel the benefits of eating healthier….. but ….
It’s just still a little too easy. I decided starting tomorrow I am going to cut another 500 calories a day. At 2000 I felt like I was choosing to eat all 2000 calories a day just because I had them. I know I could maintain 2000 calories but at that many I know it will take longer than I am willing to wait for results. I would rather set my new goal to 1500 and go slightly over an occasional day than easily hit my current 2000 goal everyday.

I grow more uncertain about my surgery as I make new efforts and achieve goals I never have before . On one hand, I am still gunning for it because I know that with it I could maintain an even lower caloric intake a day, lose significantly more weight a lot faster. On the other, I am making headway in a whole new way this time around and could think of no greater success story for myself than to defeat obesity through will power, perseverance & support from those who care about me. The question will come down to this: Will the benefits of getting the surgery still outweigh the risks and significant financial burden if I am able to maintain 1500 or even 1000 calories? I hope everyone who reads my blog and is considering surgery as a solution is asking themselves this question everyday up to the surgery. The only thing I think that would be worse than not getting the surgery, struggling for another year and then getting the surgery is getting the surgery without taking one more all-out effort and then finding that I probably could have done it on my own.