Where do I want to be?

Before I set out on a project I always ask myself 4 questions.
– Where am I now?
– How did I get here?
– Where do I want to be?
– How do I get there?
Sometimes I fail when I ponder and answer these 4 questions but I ALWAYS fail if I don’t.

Where am I now?
I am 500 pounds. It is not fun to do anything physical. I am often tired and lack the energy I need to do the most basic tasks. It is difficult to play with my children for any length of time. I can not sit on the ground and play because I can not sit up without my back beginning to ache. I am at risk for diabetes, I retain water in my legs like a pregnant lady 8 1/2 months along. I can’t fit in many cars, chairs, airplanes or amusement park rides. I am embarrassed to swim or exercise in front of others. When I eat in front of others I feel as if I am being judged.

How did I get here?
I ate whenever I wanted, whatever I wanted without regard to my health or weight. I have a sedentary job, engage only sedentary recreation and I do not exercise. I am constantly hungry. I eat to the point of discomfort. I have an appetite that just won’t quit. I eat to celebrate, i eat when I am depressed, I eat out boredom. I crave foods that make me gain weight.

Where do I want to be?
I want to be half the man I am now. My goal weight is 250 pounds. According to my age, height and build it is a weight that is both healthy and obtainable. All rides, cars and plains are built for the 250 pound man. This goal will free me from all the limitations I have lived with for so many years. I will be free!

How do I get there?

To be continued ……..